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July 30th 2017






WAS £375 NOW £185
WAS £75 NOW £40
WAS £30 NOW 3 FOR £40
WAS £300 sold out
WAS £400 sold out
WAS £600 sold out



WAS £400 sold out
WAS approx £350

NOW from


WAS £7 /£5 EACH NOW 3 FOR £10
WAS £80 sold out


WAS £1100 sold out
WAS £600 sold out
WAS £100 sold out
WAS £350 Sold out
WAS £195 sold out
WAS £40 sold out
WAS £70 NOW £30
WAS £1500 sold out
WAS £150 sold out


WAS £1100 NOW £350
WAS £95 sold out
WAS £95 sold out
WAS £500 sold out
GRAPEFRUIT WAS £35 sold out
ORANGE WAS £200 sold out
LONGISSIUM WAS £1100 sold out
WAS £75 sold out



July 29th

**Hot Offers**

Canna's, Alocasia, Colocasia, Gingers
buy 2 get 1 free

Olives, Palms, Pomegranates, Monkey Puzzle, Cycads
Make us a sensible offer and we will say yes.

Assorted Acers
Normal price £80
Sale price £65
NOW £40

**Call in and grab a mega deal before its all gone**

09:00 till 17:00
10:00 to 16:00 Sunday
Closed Wednesdays

Open till end of 2016

20 to 50% off Marked prices
(*except special offers)

January 7th 2016

dont forget to grab a bargain in our sale.

Everything must go.

A few examples of deals below but many more available in many sizes.

July 24th

We have gone Bananas!!!
All 5 Litre Bananas and Canna now £5 each
Limited time only while stocks last.



21st June

09th June

Cycad new leaves

Madagascar travelers palm


19th May


24th April


19th April
Yes we have some bananas

small Musa basjoo, Lasiocarpa, Cavandish and Maurelli
Now in stock in

2nd April

A few pics taken today

£50 olives

£50 Olives

large cordyline

1 of the Large cordyline


genral veiew


Olives and the new bamboo




New range of pots in sizes upto 234 litre


Wow its windy today
lovely sunshine but the wind is roaring through and most of the plants are lay on the ground instead of standing up!
I was going to get lots of nice photos of the new stock to put on here but will wait a few days for the wind to stop then post so pop back soon
just to keep you going in the meantime is a few photos of the large special offer olives.

Second delivery now in

More news soon

First delivery now in

Call or pop in to discover our new stock.
More on its way.


March News

Wagons roll

Our wagon is on its way to the Mediteraean sunshine to collect more plants.
these will be back here in stock ready for Easter weekend.
We also will take delivery shortly of a selection of bananas etc that will be available hopefully at the end of March.
Bamboo and other plants we are currently working on and will hopefully be with us by Easter to fill the outside area that has been looking so empty all winter.

The sunshine is waking the canna's, colocasia and many more plants here at the nursery and we should hopefully have these available for sale again shortly.

We look forward to showing you the new stock soon and to seeing you at the nursery.


Febuary Offer

10% off all sizes of Olive tree
from small to large
offer ends March 1st


Happy New Year 2015


New Opening Hours
For January and Febuary we are open from 10 until 4 on weekends and weekdays by appointment.

January and Febuary are our quietest months before we go back to working seven days a week so although we will be here most days we will be taking the odd day off now and again through this time so please just give us a call or email to check someone will be here when you turn up.
We look forward to the new season and to seeing you all here again at the nursery.

We have just placed the first order for 2015 for new plants to arrive in March / April and will be looking at lists and catalouges during this quiet time to find more great plants for you to enjoy.
Watch the news page for updates on new stock arriving from spring onwards plus special offers etc. we will try to post on this page regularly aswell as on our facebook page.

Have a good new year and see you all soon

Mail order
We keep getting asked why we dont mail order by post any more and below I hope explains why.
most items we sell dont fit in standard parcels and what does is the smaller lower value items.
So lets take a typical order of 1 Colocasia as an example.
cost of plant £7 postage £12
The £12 postage goes to the carrier
out of the £7 we pay £1.17 vat leaving us with £5.83
-2% credit card chargeon the £19 =38p
out of the £5.45 we have to provide a box for it to travel in, tape to seal it , stickers for this way up,
and print a couriers label and provide a document wallet for the label.
Boxing the item entering the details into the couriers website etc takes about 20mins.
packaging costs approx £3.50
so that leaves us with £1.95 for a plant and 20 mins work.
We hope you now see why we stopped mail order by post.

We do still offer mail order by Van or by pallet
But our favourite thing is for you to come and say hello
and choose your plants here at the nursery.

Update 10th July

The BIG Vale Sale
and meerkats at Vale

The Big Vale Sale starts Saturday with upto 60% off.
Grab a bargain in the largest ever Vale Sale.

A few days ago we had a visit from some meerkats and below is a couple of pictures taken of them on the day.

meerkat 1

meerkat 2


News update 3rd June

**** Special offers ****

Tree ferns Dicksonia Antartica 6ft to 9ft now £20 per foot

Phoenix Roebelnii was £95 now £80

Chamaerops Humilis was £75 now £60

Furcrae 2 for £5.00

Canna 5 litre was £7 now £5
Canna 10 Litre was £10 now £7

Viburnum 50% off

Bay trees 25% off

Bird of paradise was £70 now £60

Jasmin was £10 now £7

Passion flower was £10 NOW £7

Spend £500 in one transaction on palms/olives and get £50 cash back

All offers are available to collect at the nursery or available to order over the phone for pallet or van delivery. please note we no longer send by post.



New delivery Now In

Its two weeks late but its finally HERE!

Phyllostachys Nigra
Trachycarpus fortunei (some multi trunk)
Hibiscus Rosa Siensis 
Trachycarpus Wagerianus


Pics of some of the new stock

More new stock on its way soon!




New stock looking good will post pics soon as possible but a list of a few of the new arrivals below
Jacaranda Mimosifolia
Metrosideros Excelsus Variegata
Nerium oleander
Phoenix Canariensis med to large sizes
Ravenea Rivularis
Yucca Gloriosa Variegata
Gicus Carica
Alocasia Macrorrihzia large
Alocasia Wentii Med to Large.
Aloe Arborescens
Araucaria Hetrophhylla
Beaucarnea Nolina
Callistemon Laevis
Cupresus Sempervirens
Cycad Dioon Spinulosum
Cycas Revoluta
Cyperus Papyrus
Hibiscus Syriacus


1/2 Price Gazebo

Only one available

Vale Exotics new You Tube channel

Click here to visit

This is our first attempt at a you tube video and we hope you like it
We hope to post more videos as the year progresses.
one thing we would like to do is to post some of our customers gardens on a video, if you would like to add photos of you garden to the video then please email them to us.



Date Posted 2nd January 2014
January Sale 20% Off most plants

20% off most plants and 2 options for delivery

Option 1 
Buy now and collect or take delivery of the plant straight away and save 20% off marked price

Option 2
Buy now and collect or take delivery in mid March and save 20% off marked price

Most plants are in the sale except tree ferns
If ordering online we will deduct the 20% off your order before charging as the website cant do this, but during the sale its best to order over the phone as we can give you up to date stock availability.

Date posted October 2nd 2013

Sale ends January 31st


Space to let

We currently have some space to let here on the nursery that would suit any company looking to sell any products that would fit in with our exotic plants.
the space is a large open area with road frontage that would suit anyone selling summerhouses gazebos etc, etc plus a indoor area with some exterior space ideal for anyone wishing to sell ornaments, garden furniture, barbecues, hot tubs etc,etc
Email for further details sales@vale-exotics.co.uk


900sq ft building with forecourt and portacabin

Large roadside frontage